Custom Clearance


Our customs clearance agents are experts in local specifications, conditions and regulations. This on-the-ground knowledge allows them to handle complete administration tasks for you swiftly and without complications.

Our comprehensive menu of services incorporates preparation of all necessary declarations and reporting to authorities. Furthermore, it includes electronic pre-filing, customs consultancy and documentation processing as well as security sealing and certification.

Import customs Clearance

  • HS Classification
  • Rate of duty
  • Preparation of bills of entry
  • Processing the customs clearance, assessment, customs examination and obtaining customs charges
  • Arranging dispatch to the delivery destination

Export customs Clearance

  • Exporter’s Database
  • I.E.C. No. (Copy certificate needed for first shipment)
  • Letter from Bankers furnishing Exporter’s IE Code No., Account No & Authorized dealer code No.
  • If Shipment is under Drawback, Account to be opened with Indian Bank Harbour Branch, Chennai & the Account No. to be registered with customs.
  • DOCUMENTS REQUIRED FOR Invoice & Packing list (5 copies each)
  • Copy of L/C. (or) Contract / Purchase Order.
  • SDF Form in duplicate for every shipment Invoice.
  • A.R.E.1 in duplicate
  • Technical details / Catalogues (first shipment).
  • Shipping Instructions.